NASA evokes excitement and fear through secret tweets

NASA evokes excitement and fear through secret tweets

NASA has sparked excitement and fear with a secret tweet posted on its account.

“BSSDO, did anyone hear that?” It wrote, sparking speculation and concern among its tens of thousands of followers.

Then, it turns out that the account simply advertises the new SoundCloud playlist of “bad sounds of the solar system.”

However, before the mystery came to light, an unusual post led to speculation among followers that the space company was announcing significant news – and that by 2020 it would mean something negative.

But this also quickly led to other posts from relevant and official NASA accounts.

“Hmm … from here on out at home we hear a lot of noise and distant explosions,” the NASA Earth account wrote.

“Did it sound interconnected, planetary? If it’s loud and vibrant, we’m to blame for Jupiter … “

Wrote an account for the Mars Insight lander: “It was kind of weird and like another world … unlike anything I’ve ever heard …”

“According to my data and calculations, I actually hear sounds,” read a post from the Lunar X-Ray Laboratory.

“You’ve heard the sounds, cracks and cocking sounds of our universe before. Using data from our spacecraft, our scientists collected new awkward sounds from the depths of space in time for Halloween,” the page read.

“Listen to our playlist filled with new” lamentations “and” whistles “from our universe that frighten most creatures.

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