Kansas City Chiefs are back in the second quarter of the Denver Francois

Kansas City Chiefs are back in the second quarter of the Denver Francois

The Kansas City Chiefs Opened in the second quarter in midfield. On the second and 10th, the Denver Broncos forced the heat Patrick Mahoms Throw the ball. Injured Reserve Tremont Jones was recently activated Mahoms Below the third Broncos From the second job of the game to force a ball.

A perfect punt fitted the Broncos on their own one side of the drive line next to them. Drew Lock Denver will run a quarterback sneak first to provide some breathing room there. Melvin Gordon He will bring both six and Denver to the next play.

When the lock strikes they escape from the shadow of their own zone Jerry Judy Seven yards gain and first down.

After two plays, Philip Lindsay 20 yards open it for profit.

Lindsay Backup it with another carry for nine yards. Coming to Denver Midfield Garden Taking four yards in the next play to the first play.

From there Drew Lock things became ugly. He first took a sock down, then dropped a Big Six a second down Chiefs.

Chiefs 17, Francos 6.

Lindsay continued to have a great day, taking the first 19-yard counter to the Broncos’ next possession.

Two plays later, got the lock Nick Wannet Another 19kg profit for the firsts 30. The driver will be stopped from there, but Brandon McManus The 43-yard out was fine.

Chiefs 17, Francos 9.

The Chiefs will return to the kickoff 102-yard to gain full control in the middle of the game in the second quarter.

Chiefs 24, Francos 9.

With less than 5 minutes to go, Mahomes has not seen the field since the start of the quarter, but the Chiefs have hit two touchdowns. He got a shot to close the half with more points as Denver quickly went three in and out after the firsts kickoff returned to Down Town.

Clyde Edwards-Heller First got 27-yards down Justin Simmons Save Touch Down. After the Broncos 44-yard line chiefs stopped the vehicle, the Broncos security would force a bump from there.

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Inside the two-minute alert, Philip Lindsay He took a shot in the head and was taken to the locker room. After True Lock first takes a large chunk down, the drive must exit from there.

On the second and 18th, the lock was discovered Albert O’Keefe 17 yards for profit. Melvin Gordon Takes the first down in eight yards profit near midfield. The Broncos have 34 seconds left in the first second, with half of that remaining.

Drew Lock took a devastating excuse that backed Denver to the midfield, leaving them with only one time left and 18 seconds left to use.

The lock is rolled back to avoid an emergency and is deliberately called to land. With two seconds left on the third and 28th, the Broncos will close things. It’s an ugly way to end an ugly second quarter for an ugly offense.

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