Phil Spencer says the Xbox Game Pass & X Cloud TV can be packaged in stick format

Xbox Lead Bill Spencer expects extra layers for the Xbox Game Pass, where one can insert a stick into their TV and access xCloud.

As Microsoft and Xbox move into next-generation gaming, it should be exciting, not just the Xbox Series X or S. This is a standard extension of the Xbox Game Pass and the new xCloud game streaming service. Microsoft has poured a ton of resources to move GamePass and xCloud forward, and in a recent interview, both Xbox lead Phil Spencer teased the possibility of being compiled on a TV stick to access GamePass without a console.

This interesting information was revealed in an interview with Bill Spencer Strategy On October 22, 2020. In the interview, Spencer commented on the expanding future of the xCloud project and the possibilities of the Xbox Game Pass with it. Part of that is considering additional layers to XCloud and GamePass, which include the possibilities that can be offered for a TV stick instead of asking users to get a console or other Microsoft-powered device.

The Xbox Game Pass and X Cloud are already versatile when it comes to most mobile and PC devices.  TV sticks with access to Xbox programs is very obvious.
The Xbox Game Pass and X Cloud are already versatile when it comes to most mobile and PC devices. TV sticks with access to Xbox programs is very obvious.

Xbox is available for the Xbox Series X and S with its Xbox All Access Financing Program, which allows lower monthly payments on the next gen consoles and access to the Xbox Game Pass.

E.A. Play. With the introduction of xCloud by players accessing Microsoft’s cloud streaming service to play Xbox games on enabled devices such as laptops, mobile devices and more, the TV stick that makes use of Microsoft’s gaming programs makes sense. Bill Spencer is part of a vision to make the Xbox ecosystem more affordable and accessible.

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“When you think about streaming sticks and other things I think you are going to see low cost hardware as part of our ecosystem, someone might want to plug in their TV and play via xCloud,” Spencer explained. “You can imagine having something we added to the GamePass subscription, which gave you the ability to stream xCloud games on your TV and buy a controller.”

Nowadays it listens to everything, but in terms of how it has already allowed everything to be created, an Xbox game pass and an X Cloud TV stick make a lot of sense. As we move towards the next generation with the Xbox Series X and S release date on November 10th, we need to see if this vibrant expansion will pay off.

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