Michigan man accidentally buys two lottery tickets, wins $ 1 million twice

Michigan man accidentally buys two lottery tickets, wins $ 1 million twice

A Michigan The man thought he had made a costly mistake by accidentally buying two identical $ 2 Lottery Tickets, but he hit the million 1 million jackpot twice.

Samir Masahem, 56, said he was saving lottery numbers online for the June 9 mega million game and realized he had accidentally bought only two tickets.

“I went online and bought tickets using family birthday numbers. I forgot to save the numbers as favorites in the app, so I went back inside and set them to favorites so I can easily run them in the future. ” Masaheim said.

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“What I did not realize was that I would buy a second ticket with the same numbers. Once I found out that I had bought two tickets with the same numbers, I was a little stunned, but did not think much about it.”

Any regrets he had about the wasted $ 2 were gone as soon as he logged in and realized he had won both tickets.

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“I logged into the app to verify some of the tickets I had recently purchased, and then I found two $ 1 million prizes pending,” Masahem said. “It’s a mistake to say I was shocked. I can not believe it’s true. It took me several days to realize that my mistake was compensated for $ 2 million!”

The Dearborn Heights man plans to buy a house with his wins and then save the rest for the rest.

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The International spread of corona virus Has a mixed effect on state lotteries.

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Like some states Texas And Montana, which has seen a surge in lottery sales since March, as citizens pump out more money than usual for scratches. Virginia and other states Oregon, Revenue has fallen due to locks selling tickets and retail outlets.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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