Kanye West has spent nearly M12 million on the political campaign since announcing the presidential initiative in July


The ‘College Dropout’ rapper is said to have spent $ 3 million on his presidential campaign in September alone, bringing his total spending to nearly $ 12 million since July.

Kanye West In September (20) he threw about 3 million (27 2.27 million) of his own money into his presidential campaign.

The “Gold Tiger” hitmaker stunned fans by announcing his candidacy as leader of the ‘Birthday Party’ this summer, but only qualified to vote in 12 states and was not registered in the election.

However, the rapper is still spending millions of dollars on his own money in an effort for The White House after struggling to solicit donations, according to a report by the Federal Electoral Commission that saw New York journalist Ben Jacobs.

“Kanye West filed his FEC report in September. He raised $ 2,782 ($ 2,134) of his own money,” the journalist tweeted.

The new filing brings his total spending to nearly $ 12 million, according to Jacobs, “Kanye West has contributed nearly $ 12 million ($ 9.2 million) to his presidential campaign with overnight contributions since his FEC report was dropped.

“West has lent 76 9.76 million (49 7.49 million) to his campaign and contributed $ 2.11 million (62 1.62 million). His campaign has raised 6 17,635 (, 13,525) from donors.”

The hip-hop star’s filing shows that much of his election spending was spent on consolidated consultation, which, according to Jacobs, is a political strategic agency affiliated with the Republican Party.

The musician has fired back from Democrat figures accusing him of acting as a “spoiler candidate” in an attempt to exclude younger black voters from their candidate. Joe Biden, In key states during the election war with the US President Donald Trump.