“Being honest is brutal” – Andy Burnham learns the new corona virus guidelines live on TV

"Being honest is brutal" - Andy Burnham learns the new corona virus guidelines live on TV

There were unusual scenes in Manchester this afternoon when Andy Burnham learned the details of the government’s Tier 3 lockout decision while live on television.

Sir Richard Lees, standing to Mr Burnham’s left, gave a speech to the mayor, which confirmed further information about the decision taken by Downing Street.

He stood outside Bridgewater Hall during a press conference and found that Mr Burnham’s lockout would take effect on Friday, with Sir Richard saying the area would only ‘get $ 20 million’.

This amount was later clarified to be 22 million m.

People gathered outside the music venue to hear Mr Burnham speak, and some shouted ‘insulting’.

“To be honest is brutal, isn’t it?” The mayor said in reaction to what he was told.

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He continued: “This is not the way to run the country in a national crisis. This is not right, they should not do this. People are trying to accept what can be escaped.

“M 22 million is obviously a disgrace to fight the situation we are in.”

A few minutes later, Boris Johnson appeared for his own press conference on Downing Street, surrounded by medical advisers.

The Prime Minister announced that the Greater Manchester Tier would be transferred to three restrictions, although no agreement had been reached on the financial package to support the region.

Mr Burnham hoped to hand over $ 75 million to the government, forced businesses to close, the self-employed and others losing income.

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He said local leaders were willing to accept $ 65 million, but the government refused to provide more than $ 60 million.

After the government’s deadline for negotiations passed, No. 10 now said it would only offer $ 22 million in support to lawmakers.

The press conference took place outside Bridgewater Hall

Speaking at an impassioned press conference outside The Bridgewater Hall, Mr Burnham asked: “Is this playing poker with people’s lives?

“Is the government trying to pressure people to take as much as they can to escape?”

This means Greater Manchester is now tier 2 – ‘high’ warning level – tier 3 – ‘highest’ alert level.

Under strict regulations, pubs and bars that do not serve a ‘substantial’ meal should be closed.

Mixing is prohibited in guest houses or private gardens, inside and outside individual homes.

People can still meet in groups of up to six people from different homes in outdoor public places such as parks.

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