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When Donald Trump Joe Biden faces off Thursday for the final televised debate, with each candidate disconnecting their microphones and the other answering questions.

The 90-minute debate is divided into six 15-minute sections, with each candidate being given two minutes to give unrestricted feedback before moving on to an open debate.

The Non-Partisan Commission for Presidential Debates (CPT) announced on Monday that it was “the only candidate with a platform under the rules whose microphone is open during these two minutes to enforce the terms of this agreement”. Both mics will be disabled for open discussion.

The commission added in a statement: “After consulting with both campaigns, we feel that no campaign should be fully satisfied with the measures announced today. One might think they are going too far, and one might think they are not going far enough. We feel comfortable that these actions strike the right balance and that they are in the best interests of the American people and for whom these discussions are being conducted. ”

The rule change comes later Confusing first discussion On Sept. 30, presidential candidates continued to talk to each other, and Trump relentlessly interrupted and attacked his Democratic rival.

Trump often interrupted, and at one point Biden lost his temper and ran away: β€œMan, will you shut up? This is very unexpected. “

‘Man, will you shut up?’: Biden and Trump clash in US first presidential debate – Video

Debate rule change will anger Trump campaign. Republicans Trump criticized the CPD for canceling the second debate due to security concerns after Trump was found with Covid 19.

Earlier on Monday, the Trump campaign debate moderator competed on the topics of some of the questions NBC correspondent Kristen Welker had selected for the debate. At a recent rally, Trump denounced Welker as “very unfair.” He tweeted, “Like fake news reporters he’s always been scary and unfair, but I’ll still play the game.”

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Bill Stephen, the president’s campaign manager, issued a statement Monday night: “President Trump is committed to the debate. Joe Biden Regardless of the last-minute rule changes of the biased commission in a recent attempt to favor their preferred candidate. ”

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