Moved by 88 Mln XRP ripple and South Korean ODL platform

Moved by 88 Mln XRP ripple and South Korean ODL platform

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Ripple and its South Korean ODL Corridor have been converted to more than 88 million XRPs, while Ripple’s ODL partner in Europe was also involved.


  • 28 ml XRP ripple and moved by bitumen
  • Pitumb replaces 68 ml XRP

The San Francisco-based Fintech Behimot Ripple is back in motion Substantial amount of XRP, Along with its ODL partners in Europe and South Korea. This is $ 21,242,018 on Fiat.

28 ml XRP ripple and moved by bitumen

The XRPL Monitor Tracking Service has reported in the last 24 hours that the blockchain decacorn ripple is 20ml XRP wire.

Ten million XRP is an internal transaction between Ripple’s own wallets, the other ten million went to PitstampRipple’s ODL pavement in Luxembourg.

Prior to that transaction, PitStamp also wired 8ml XRP between its wallets.

Pitumb replaces 68 ml XRP

Pythagoras, South Korea’s major exchange, made two beautiful transfers: 55ml XRP and 13mln.

That 68ml XRP was $ 16,406,951.


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It is true that Pitumb is part of the unannounced ODL corridor Issued by Pitfinex. According to the cryptocurrency exchange, this corridor connects two major Asian crypto markets: Japan and South Korea.

In South Korea, the ODL operating system is located in Pitum; In Japan, it is in bitcoin exchange.

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