Adele fans believed the music was coming as SNL announced the hosting location

Adele fans believed the music was coming as SNL announced the hosting location


Can Adele release new music? (Image: Getty Images)

‘S fans After announcing his return to television, Adele went wild with the expectation that he would release new music.

The 32-year-old singer has confirmed that she will be airing a Saturday Night Live (SNL) episode next week, almost 12 years after her first appearance.

Since he made this announcement, social media has been frantically sending, with many commenting that Adele might be ready to release a new studio album.

The rumors were later further provoked Showbiz 411 On October 30 someone announced that the Like You hitmaker might drop its fourth record.

Across Twitter, fans quickly shared their thoughts, with a tweet: ‘If Adele drops new music, I’ll get back to anything bad I said about 2020.’

Another added: ‘God !!! Please do not play with me Adele is coming back with new music !!! I can not…. ‘

Adele has been enjoying it for a while, but is coming back in a major way (Image: Adele / Instagram)

‘OMG Guys has finally arrived and is excited for his music to be right,’ wrote another enthusiastic supporter.

If Adele comes out with a new album, it will be the first in five years, following its 25th release in 2015.

In the past, he had pointed out that his fourth album should not be named after his age like his previous albums.

When Carpool appeared in Karaoke in 2016, he told James Gordon: ‘This is the last album after my age. I believe in trilogies, yes. The next will be “Adele”. ‘


Adele has not released a studio album since 2015 (Image: Getty Images)

Adele has also announced that singer-songwriter Herr will be a music guest when she hosts the SNL show for the first time.

Taking it to Instagram, he wrote: ‘Bloody hell I’m so excited about this !! And totally scared! My first hosting kick and SNL for everything !!!

Adele will be live on Saturday night next week (Image: Instagram)

‘I always wanted to make it a stand-alone moment so I could roll up my sleeves and throw myself completely into it, but the timing was never right.’

He continued: ‘During an election, it’s been almost 12 years since I first appeared on the show த்துக் It broke my life in the United States, so it feels like a whole circle, I can not say I can not!

‘I’m so close to him that he’ll be a music guest! I love her so much, I can’t wait to melt in the burning hot chaos when she performs, and then I get confused. has contacted representatives for Adele to comment further.

Saturday Night Live is a weekly NBC broadcast in the United States.

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