Elon Musk ‘speculation’ could send a spacecraft to Mars by SpaceX 2024

Elon Musk 'speculation' could send a spacecraft to Mars by SpaceX 2024

If you want to go to Mars all the time, Elon Musk no longer thinks that SpaceX will turn it into a red planet when the next opportunity window opens in 2022.

He was the world’s leading fan to leave this world He previously hoped to send a robotic mission to Mars in 2022, Followed by a group trip a few years later. During an interview Mars Society Virtual Conference On Friday, Musk said he expects his next-generation Starship spacecraft to be ready soon in 2023, at the launch window in 2024.

The orbits of the Earth and Mars around the Sun bring the two planets closer to each other once every two years. That’s why we looked Three robot trips to our neighboring world, Including NASA’s Perseverance Rover, will launch on each other in July.

“I think we’ve got a fight chance,” Musk said of creating the 2024 Mars traffic window.

To get there, Musk says his team needs to pick up its innovation momentum, and he’s not afraid to break some things along the way.

“We will lose a few ships,” he said when asked about the development process for Starship, which is designed to carry dozens of people to Mars at a time.

So far, the early starship prototypes have “hops” at short, low altitudes from the SpaceX test facility in Texas. Musk hopes the early models will go into orbit for the first time next year. He said the company could demonstrate its ability to refuel in orbit by 2022, after which it could begin trips to the moon.

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The company’s founder and chief engineer warned that he had no secret dates for achieving these milestones.

“These are just speculations,” said Robert Zubrin, president of the Musk Mars Association.

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The SpaceX Starship emulator takes the first ‘hop’


As for who will go to Mars, Musk has a million people at once, and they both want to go to the red planet so they can buy it, which should be enough to sustain a city. So in other words, it seems that the first martyrs may have been rich earthlings.

Once on Mars, Musk said, an impetus plant will be set up in the first row of the business. He also mentioned the idea of ​​sending robotic droid to a surface that people could remotely control from Earth.

Naturally, Musk has more designs than Mars. He mentioned the idea of ​​using starship or other craft items to visit Suddenly the wonderful situation of Venus, The largest asteroids, the moons of Jupiter and the highest points of the Khyber belt and solar system.

“We have to make the leap to go to another planet first,” he said.

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