A political believer says he saw items for sale in Daryl Maguire’s parliamentary office

A political believer says he saw items for sale in Daryl Maguire's parliamentary office

Mr McLaren, a former Wagah councilor, said he hoped the Liberals would be elected earlier and, on several occasions, had visited Mr Maguire’s parliamentary offices, where he had been accused of insulting an MP in 2014. China.

He said he saw someone who believed he was a Member of Parliament, but did not identify himself, and entered Mr. Maguire’s office and said, “Dare this week, what did you sell?

Former Wagah Wagah MP insulted outside ICICI hearing on Wednesday  Daryl Maguire.

Former Wagah Wagah MP insulted outside ICICI hearing on Wednesday Daryl Maguire.debt:James Brigwood

“Familiarity shocked me,” Mr McLaren said.

He said he had not seen any procurement taking place and that no MP had been charged with any wrongdoing.

The Herald Many senior government members have commented on whether they have seen any such behavior, with many responding that they have not.

Mr Maguire endured a second day of questioning before the ICICI on Thursday, following the mergers and attempts to use his position in the public office, including G8 International.

The inquest heard earlier that Mr Maguire had received bundles of currency on several occasions in his parliamentary office as part of a money-for-visa scheme.

Mr McLaren said in his role as a member of the local business room that he went on a business trip to China in 2012, but when he returned he told Mr Maguire that the behavior of some of the people they met was suspicious.

“I told Daryl to separate himself from the relationship,” he said.


Mr McLaren and Maggie Wang said in an email from Mr Maguire in June 2014 to G8 International Director Philip Elliott, “Partnership is you, I am.”

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M.S. who handed over the bundles to Mr. Maguire in Parliament. Wang is said to have helped run an illicit immigration scheme through G8 International, under which Australian employers could obtain a cash commission for falsely employing Chinese nationals so that they could obtain a visa.

Mr McLaren said he knew nothing about the plan until a public hearing and that he had no involvement in the business venture beyond 2013.

At trial his brother, real estate agent Angus McLaren, accepted $ 30,000 after approaching Ms. Purchase, only realized he was involved in a fraud when staff did not show up, and he began receiving envelopes full of money.

Waga winemaker Jerry McCormick, who inquired whether he had accepted two bundles of cash for his part in the visa scheme, said Julianne McLaren was introduced to Ms. Wang, but Mr McLaren said this was incorrect.

The inquest heard discussions about how the proceeds from the business contracts would be divided, indicating that Mr McLaren would receive a 5 per cent stake, but said he had not seen any transaction proceeds beyond repayment.

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