Sir Elton slaps John Sir Rod Stewart’s ‘cheek’ | Entertainment

Sir Elton slaps John Sir Rod Stewart's 'cheek' |  Entertainment

Sir Elton John slapped Sir Rod Stewart’s “cheek” for criticizing his tour.

Rod Elton’s 300-day farewell tour was branded “dishonest” and stressed that it would “stink of selling tickets” while at the same time never announcing his own retirement due to the lack of “rock and roll”.

In the new paperback edition of his autobiography Me, Elton writes: “I certainly did not realize I needed a lecture on the spirit of rock and roll from someone who has spent most of the last decade.

Before adding: “What’s more, I thought he was on the cheek, he complained that he was promoting a tour, he was sitting on a TV show promoting his own tour.”

Responding to his comments, Rhode said: “Elton didn’t like me this time, I was out of order. Perfect, but out of order … they [the show’s producers] Make sure you are drunk before you go. The four big shots of clean vodka, I was knocking them all out because he was a butch man with me. I was told that 300 dates in three years cost me little money. Look, I know where he comes from. He had two children very late in life, but I plan my tours around my kids. I think he will miss it. I can’t wait for the next show. “

Elton was disappointed to leave with Rod.

He shared: “I do not know what I did to upset him so much. It was paradoxical. For years I deliberately tried to harass him.”

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