McDonald Aussie threatens burger chain rashes with legal action

McDonald Aussie threatens burger chain rashes with legal action

McDonald’s threatens Aussie restaurant chain with legal action after fast food company claims a copy of its famous Big Mac has been leaked.

Rasheed owners now slap with stop and exemption order for their new ‘Big MacJack’ burger

The burger contains two vacuum beef patties, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and a special sauce.

Ramsey Ygmore, founder of Rashes, said the burger was created with the intention of having a tongue in cheek, despite the threat to Mecca’s legal action.

“Aussies are nothing more than a little laugh at their expense,” he said Pedestrian.

“We can’t believe these difficult times we are struggling to survive the global epidemic. A giant is fighting with another, wasting time on a burger.”

The news comes as McDonald goes upside down with the hungry Jack in a similar legal battle.

Two fast food operators were in federal court in October for the initial hearing of the trademark war over the Big Mac burger.

McDonald’s owns the ‘Big Mac’ brand since 1973, and claims it was a “blatant or deliberate omission” used by Hungry Jack to promote their “Big Jack” burger.

It wants the trademark to be revoked because it is likely to “deceive or confuse” customers.

However, he didn’t care much about Hungry Jacks. Last month it released a TV commercial.

“Big Jack owns 25 percent of Australian beef. Aussie knows you can’t get small pan fried American burgers in our restaurants. We roast our beef, which is why burgers are the best at Hungry Jacks, ”said a spokesman for Hungry Jacks.

“Big Jack Flame is only available at Roasted and Hungry Jack restaurants.”

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As stated in it Brisbane Times, Big Jack claims the right to use the trademark of the Hungry Jacks, which played in the name of the company and “its founder and current owner Jack Cowin.”

According to the company’s lawyers, the term “Jack” is “closely related to the consumer of Hungry Jack’s products and services,” and McDonald’s “brand, origin, structure and / or ownership of any other enforceable intellectual property Big Mac Burger”.

The claim that the Big Jack Burger differs in appearance, creation, size, taste and cooking method.

Both parties will then meet again in court.

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