Boris Johnson Live Corona Virus Updates As He Talks To The Nation About New Locking Layers

Boris Johnson Live Corona Virus Updates As He Talks To The Nation About New Locking Layers

Kirklees MP reaction

Huddersfield MP Barry Sherman said:

We did not want to return to where we were in May.

We must obey these restrictions. Otherwise we will go to a national emergency.

He praised the work of the Kirklees Council leadership and staff for tackling Covid 19 in recent months.

But he said it was time for the government to streamline what he described as “the potential for a proper storm in every local jurisdiction”.

He added:

We must continue to fight to reduce the numbers.

As the fight against the virus continues, the Cole Valley MP said he was lobbying for additional support for the local economy and for mental health and well-being. Jason McCartney promised.

he said:

I’m glad we are not at the highest alert level, and I welcome that it will be a simple guide as we all strive to tackle the rising Govt cases and hospital admissions across Kirklees.

Thank you to everyone who worked and volunteered in our community during this crisis.

Badley and Spen MPs said it was “disappointing” that communities across Kirklees had to come up with new regulations. Tracy Propin said.

He added:

However, Tier 2 means that many businesses can remain open and people can participate in many areas of their daily lives, which is very important for mental health and well-being.

Most importantly, these controls work and reduce the spread of the corona virus.

The sacrifices we make must go towards something, and as cases decrease, so do the restrictions.

Duisbury MP Mark Eastwood said the government’s announcement was close to measures already in place across Kirklees.

Level 2 controls are clear and simple: no more than six people can have one outside, and no home mix inside the house. The same exceptions apply as before.

I am so glad that pubs and restaurants are still allowed to operate. However, it is very important that we follow the rules: wash our hands, cover our faces and keep space by social distance, making sure that we do not enter into Level 3 restrictions.

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