Tesla Roadster and Starman take the first close approach with Mars

Tesla Roadster and Starman take the first close approach with Mars

It’s been two years and eight months Historical event And, when interested Roadster Starman’s journey has slowed down a bit, and it’s even more enjoyable. If you wake up this morning and are quietly listening to yourself while drinking coffee, “Kee, I’m wondering what Starman is today.” As one might say, the answer comes from SpaceX itself: Starman runs at the sight of the Red Planet. Or briefly did.

“Starman, the last man to leave Earth, made its first close-up approach to Mars today – within 0.05 astronomical units or 5 million miles below, the Red Planet SpaceX says in a recent tweet.

Sure, it’s not like Starman came within striking distance of Mars, but it’s closer to Earth than it is now, WhereIsRoadster Website that monitors the progress of Roadster and its pilot. The same source indicates that if the battery in the roadster was still running, Starman would have noticed Space innovation 265,533 times a year, and Is there life on Mars? 357,794 times in another.

Starman is a mannequin wearing the prototype of the SpaceX space suit, and has another smaller version of it inside the Hot Wheels toy roadster on the dashboard. Data storage device with a copy of Isaac Asimov Foundation Novels are included, if both meet aliens on their space journey.

Roadster was Paid for in space In the SpaceX Falcon heavy rocket, the specific target is not in mind. It traveled at a speed of 4,641 miles (7,469 km / h) and, by consensus, will continue to move in space until it is destroyed by a collision with something. If this has not already happened.

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