Princess Eugene praised Selena Gomez for showing her alternative scar

Princess Eugene praised Selena Gomez for showing her alternative scar

Princess Eugene Selena Gomez

Princess Eugene praises Selena Gomez for revealing her kidney transplant scar (Picture: PA / @ Selena Gomez)

Princess Eugenie has praised Selena Gomez for showing off her kidney transplant scar on a recent Instagram post, hoping others will not be ashamed of their scars.

The 30-year-old Royal showed in his Instagram story that sharing photos and stories of some of his followers’ scars is more a sign of courage than something to cover them up.

Among them was Selena, who recently revealed a scar on her inner thigh from where she had undergone a kidney transplant in 2017.

Princess Eugenie wrote: ‘I thought it was Selena Gomez’s super cool to show who she was and what she did after she had trouble showing her scar. We are proud of our uniqueness. ‘

Selena originally wrote with this post: ‘I remember when I had a kidney transplant, it was very difficult to show my scar at first.

‘I didn’t like it being in the photos, so I wore things that would hide it. Now, more than ever, I have faith in who I am and what I have done நான் I am proud of that. ‘

Selena Gomez shows kidney transplant scars

Selena shares the scar on her inner thigh with her followers (Image: len Selenacomus)

There was also Princess Eugenie Jack Brooks was praised during his 2018 wedding to the Bank, for wearing a dress designed to reveal the scar on his back.

She underwent surgery in 2002 to correct her scoliosis, with two 12-inch titanium rods placed on her back.

Windsor, UK - October 12: Princess Eugene of York arrives at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle on October 12, 2018, before her wedding to Jack Brooks Bank at St. George's Chapel in Windsor, England.  (Photo by Pool / Samir Hussain / WireImage)

Princess Eugene designed her wedding dress to reveal her own scar (Image: Pool / Samir Hussain / WireImage)

The Queen’s granddaughter Eugenie then explained: ‘I have always wanted a lower back, part of which shows my scar.

‘I hope the scars tell a story about your past and your future, which is a way to remove a barrier.

‘For me it’s a way of interacting with people who are experiencing similar situations with scoliosis or have a scar of their own that they are trying to deal with.’

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