How to make Mars shine brighter during Tuesday night protests

How to rule the Tuesday night sky in October

October 2020 Mars in the night sky will be bright and beautiful.


Forget it Halloween. October 2020 is all about the glory of Mars as the glowing red planet puts on a show in the night sky. We passed Mars ’closest approach to Earth on October 6th, and now we oppose October 13th.

Discovering Mars

Mars has the reputation of being the “red” planet, but its color in the night sky is a little more on the Halloween side of the spectrum. It looks like a small spot of shiny rust, a bright orange-red dot to the naked eye.

The distinctive color of Mars is a clue you found in the dark. Look at the eastern sky to catch the night rising. This is a great time to visit the planet because it is so easy to find. It is visible for most of the night. As NASA says, “Simply go outside and look up. Depending on your local weather and lighting conditions, you can see Mars.”

Take a look at ours List of Starcaching applications If you need extra help finding the planet.

Protest: Oct.13

When Mars and the Sun line up in the middle with the Earth, the Red Planet is said to be in opposition. This is the perfect time to monitor the movement of Mars across the sky. As the sun sets it rises in the east, moves across the sky and then sets in the west as the sun rises.

NASA describes the resistance “Effectively a ‘full’ Tuesday.” Tuesday, Oct. 13 Time to experience resistance. You have to wait more than two years for it to happen again.

Virtual telescope project, which gives us direct feeds of celestial phenomena Seeing Mars Resistance B.T. at 1 p.m. On October 13th. This is the perfect way to enjoy the action without weather worries. For those in the United States, this will provide a preview of what to look for after sunset.

The project expects this to be “the best observed conditions since July 2018”.

“Racerock model of planetary orbits explains why. Earth and Mars are like runners on a path. Earth is inside, Mars is outside.” NASA on its WhatsApp blog for October. “Every 26 months, the fast Earth slows down Mars and folds it up. Resistance occurs just as the Earth does.”

Mars is not the only one in the sky for October. You can too Look forward to a rare Halloween blue moon On October 31st when our lunar neighbor is full. It’s not scary; It’s boo – typical.

Get ahead of the close approach on Oct. 6

Tuesday, Oct. 6 marked the closest approach to Earth to Mars, but this month is still a good time to grab a telescope and get a little more look. Give it a wave NASA’s Perseverance Rover When you are in it. The vehicle is on track to reach the planet in February 2021.

Tuesday, Oct. 6 NASA shares an artist’s view of the intimate approach Compared to the last time it was hijacked in July 2018. The apparent sizes are very similar. This year, the minimum distance to Mars was 38.6 million miles (62 million kilometers), which is 3 million miles farther than 2018.

This artist’s vision shows the apparent dimensions of Mars during close-ups in 2018 and 2020.


Closer approach may be over, but the planet is still bright at night, so get out and pick up a canter or tune in to the live feed of the virtual telescope program from your computer’s convenience.

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