Listen to the chip shot at Storms on the fiery new Dis Track ‘Flowers’

Listen to the chip shot at Storms on the fiery new Dis Track 'Flowers'

Chip is aiming for Stromsey in his tough new Dis Track ‘Flowers’ – you can hear it below.

The North London rapper dropped two new tracks last night (October 7) along the ‘Killer MC’ route with ‘Flowers’.

Some fans believed that Chip was targeted again during his verse on Diane Wayne’s song ‘I Dunno’ in May: “Is he sending me? I No / What boy are they selling the first week? I no… Wait, look, I thought I heard the shots, but the shoe didn’t fit. ”

The song continued from Chip’s verse about his Skepta and Young Odds collaboration ‘Ways’, which seemed to invite Storms with the lyrics: “You have not even done ten years in this ding / round, we have not heard that you are a king, man will seize your throne.

In ‘Flowers’, the chip begins by accusing Stormsey of trying “Pull up“In his house he said:”I know where you live too, but this / do not pull, hold on to me ‘, plan failed, there is no avoiding this.

Don & # 39; t hear what you & # 39; ve heard about Essex but it’s quiet, it’s dark / they do not use black people ‘screaming down car parks / So I ask you this, Mr. Roadman,’ because you did not get the program / you seem to want to lose everything. ”

Chip Stroms is a “Fake-ass activist“(Along with”Stop it, you don’t have 2 pack ”), Often collaborating with Ed Sheeran (“Stick with Ed Sheeran, he will put the chip pen ‘) And suggests that the storm should show more respect for J-Is.

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The ‘code’ is the biggest of all time, and for me, it’s J-Z, ”Chip Robs. “I see you playing him in interviews, are you crazy?

You can listen to Chip’s other new song ‘Killer MC’ during which he raps “MC / But the man crossed the line, I was a killer MC. ”, In the video above.

The chip was recently featured in ‘LLLL (Love Life Live Large)’ on Tissie Rascal’s track.

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