Kamala Harris and Mike Pence met at the Vice Presidential Debate.  Key examples are here

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence met at the Vice Presidential Debate. Key examples are here

The only vice president of the 2020 U.S. election campaign is being debated and dusted off.

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence met not only on their political positions and policy agendas, but also on the platform separated by a small plexiglass barrier set up at the last minute following Donald Trump’s corona virus outbreak.

Key examples are here.

No one won the debate, but no one appeared

Mixed film by Kamala Harris and Mike Pence
Kamala Harris and Mike Pence faced off between two layers of Plexiglas in a single vice presidential debate.(Reuters: Brian Snyder)

The job of a vice president is easy, but not always easy – don’t steal attention.

The tricky part is that you can attract an attention for the wrong reasons. It is the job of Harris and Pence to avoid it at all costs in this debate.

Tomorrow morning the president and Democratic nominee Joe Biden both showed exactly why they were tapped as running comrades by avoiding doing anything grilling reporters.

It is fair to say that both campaigns will go away as they won.



But in an attempt to walk the political aisle, Harris and Benz offered nothing to deepen our understanding of their respective visions for the United States. It was also covered up in the wild first presidential debate.

Policy differences over China, climate change and opportunities to reconsider the public debate on the corona virus epidemic were instead used to attack the opposition, but in a way in line with the campaign points we have been hearing for months.

Was saying it What caused the most fuss was not the coffee or the killer line, but a fly that landed in Pence’s hair. He stayed there for two minutes and four seconds.

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Interruptions are gone… mostly

Susan Page, USA Today’s evaluator, issued a stern warning before starting the first question: Be civil.

“These are turbulent times, but we can make a respectful exchange about the big issues facing our nation,” he said.

Polls showed it Americans of all political lines felt “irritated” and “frustrated” after last week’s debate, Which was so bustling with cross-talk and petty aces, it was hard to hear a message.

The American media observed more than 70 obstacles from Trump and more than 20 interventions from Biden.

On stage tonight both candidates came up with strategies to arm civilization.

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence sit behind the Plexiglas shields and divide their tables on the podium
Interruptions did not completely remove the vice president from the debate.(Reuters: Brian Snyder)

Pence, who has a reputation for being a quiet and gentle politician, was kind enough to thank the reviewer and compliment his opponent as much as possible.


But he put his loyalty to the president’s taxes above his civil conduct.

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Kamala Harris responded to Mike Pence’s interruption.

Harris tried to make this debate about Trump, so there were some moments – 10 According to the American media, which monitors the sanctions – Benz jumped to defend the president.

On one occasion, Harris responded with a smile, in a practice echoing with American women on social media: “I speak”.


Other parts of the debate touched on issues related to race and gender. Harris said Prona Taylor did not get justice. Pence reaffirmed his opposition to abortion.

But the image of a woman slowly colored against a candidate who tries to look as traditional as possible It does more to prevent conversation around those identification points Than policy.

This is another difficult night for the evaluator

The day after the first debate, Fox News journalist Chris Wallace echoed what had happened. He told the New York Times “I never dreamed it would track like it did.”

There was a lot of pressure on Page to keep candidates in line, but Benz and Harris happily agreed to that lead.

But as the interruptions seemed to concede quality to the appraiser on the issue, the pair managed to escape something very difficult for the appraiser – the police actually answered the questions.



To the frustration of onlookers, both candidates used a well-worn tactic to turn a question asked by a journalist into something completely different, sometimes not even particularly subtle about it.

He was asked about the Supreme Court and abortion.

The page rarely asks follow-up questions, and thanks to time constraints, often goes to another topic instead of pressing candidates to solve the problem.


This time it may have been for a different reason, but pundits say again that the candidates again controlled the debating process, not the evaluator.

The most telling answers were not given

Both candidates did not give direct answers to two separate, but very important questions of the 2020 election.

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Kamala Harris and Mike Pence clash over Supreme Court appointment.

If Trump’s candidate Amy Connie Barrett is confirmed before election day, it’s up to Harris to decide whether the Democrats will try to increase the number of Supreme Court judges.

“Also, did you know that out of the 50 people that President Trump nominated to the Court of Appeals for life appointments, not one is black? This is what they are doing.”


Pence did not miss the opportunity to catch fire with his coal: “I want to reflect that he never answered the question. The American people want to know.”

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Mike Pence is asked what he would do if Donald Trump did not accept the election result.

But the vice president is going to focus on not responding to what he will do if Trump loses the election, refusing to accept its decision.

The Supreme Court and the peaceful transfer of power are two issues that are now on the minds of concerned American voters.

Neither Benz nor Harris did much to calm the nerves of the voting population.

(Probably) There is going to be another debate

As Page wrapped up the evening, he gave a clear indication of whether the remaining two presidential debates would take place.

But any talk of Trump and Biden sharing a platform in eight days should come with a massive star.

US President Donald Trump pulls off his safety mask while posing on the White House's Truman balcony
Donald Trump says he is recovering well from the corona virus.(Reuters: Erin Scott)

Depends on how the president is recovering from COVID-19. As experts worry, he is now entering a period of possible “reversal” of his position..

Still, the 77-year-old candidate for the Biden campaign was tested positive for the corona virus in the same room, on the same platform, 14 days ago (and who? Did not come up properly with information about the forecast).

Minutes after the vice presidential debate ended, US media reported that the Presidential Debate Commission was moving unilaterally (i.e. without the agreement of the Trump / Biden campaigns) to make the debate “distant” next week.


The next debate will feature grilling from undecided voters, the second longest running presidential race.

But the future of that debate is similar to the overall impression taken by American pundits and voters from the vice presidential race tonight: a lot of questions, but some new answers.

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