SpaceX Starling Launch: How to Watch the Rocket’s Live Stream Elon Musk’s Internet Satellites in Orbit

SpaceX Starling Launch: How to Watch the Rocket's Live Stream Elon Musk's Internet Satellites in Orbit

After several failed attempts, SpaceX plans to launch its latest set of 60 Starling satellites into orbit on Monday.

The launch will bring the total number of Starling satellites in low Earth orbit to close to 800 – part of another 12,000 strong galaxies eventually planned by Elon Muskin.

SpaceX aims to launch 7.51am EDT (12.51pm BST) on October 5 from Launch Complex 39AV at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Earlier release efforts for SpaceX’s 13th Starling mission were wiped out due to bad weather, “limit conflict” and “family floor system sensor reading out”.

If successful, the Falcon 9 rocket, which will be used to launch satellites, will land on the ‘Off Course I Still Love You’ drone stationed in the Atlantic Ocean.

The webcast of the launch will appear SpaceX website 15 minutes before lift-off.

A live stream will also be available on SpaceX’s official YouTube channel, which is also available The IndependentLive blog of startups.

The Starling Network will be fully operational by 2021 and, according to SpaceX, supply and Internet connectivity to more than 99 percent of the world’s population.

“Unlimited global network with higher performance and ground infrastructure limits than traditional satellite internet, Starling access will provide high speed broadband internet to places that are unreliable, expensive or completely unavailable,” says Starling’s website.

The network already operates in northern latitudes and is already being tested by a limited number of users.

The project has proven controversial among the astronomical community, with hundreds of astronomers warning in August that bright tracks of light created by satellites could hinder scientific progress.

SpaceX is currently working with various astronomical associations and space laboratories to reduce the impact of its satellites.

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