UFC Fight Night Results, Highlights: Holy Holm Irene Altana Dominates For Easy End Success

UFC Fight Night Results, Highlights: Holy Holm Irene Altana Dominates For Easy End Success

Anyone waiting to show off the old within the former UFC Women Phantomweight Champion Holy Holm Octagon should find the most relevant hobby.

Holm (14-5), three weeks into his 39th birthday, after beating red-hot Irene Altana (12-6) in five rounds on Saturday, still looks like he still owns 135 pounds of elite fighters at the UFC Fight Night on Yass Island in Abu Dhabi. Two judges scored 50-45 for Holm, while the third man scored 50-44.

With five defeats to former or current UFC champions, Holm, who has advanced 4-5 since winning the 2015 upset title against Rhonda Rouse, has taken a major step towards the idea of ​​fighting for a chance to regain his crown. .

“There are some things I have to work on, obviously. But I always want to learn from my successes and my losses, so I always learn,” Holm said. “[Aldana] A trio like me, so I had to think about what to do if I had to fight right there. Tonight, we were able to put together a game plan, and I won. ”

Despite the 32-year-old Altana’s reputation as a power puncher, this includes a brutal punch finish on Ketlan Vieira’s last voyage, as Holm never opened up Mexico’s native to prove it.

By moving away from Altana’s power shots and punching her with precise counter-shots, Holm easily controlled the distance relative. But the main difference of the fight, especially the rare times when Altana began to combine short power punches, was Holmin’s ability to control the action on the ground.

Altana entered the fray with the best downgrade percentage among UFC female fighters. Home, meanwhile, has never been known for its turf game. Nevertheless, the former champion scored a total of five releases and dominated his strike, in which rounds 3 were punched from full mount.

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After the fight, Holm does not promise to talk about whether a title shot should be next or who to beat to get one. Holmin’s violent 2019 loss to current champion Amanda Nunes, although this will not help the chances of a reconsideration soon, this division is not in a position of depth.

“I have to keep working,” Holm said. “When I first came to MMA, they always said, ‘Look out for her boxing.’ Then, when I started kicking, they said, ‘Look at her legs.’ Now it was, ‘Look at her clinic or wrestling. ‘ I came to the cage as a full mixed martial artist and it takes time.I did not wrestle for the first time until four weeks after my first MMA fight.I am still very green and learning and I want to put it all together.

“I want to sustain the future. I have a great team about me. I care about that. I train.”

At the start of the 5th round Altana Holmin was bleeding from a nose punch, but was unable to get any wins.

In addition to the recent loss to Nunes, Holm has lost the UFC Featherweight title on two occasions in recent years, losing to former champions Jermaine de Random and Chris Cyborg. De Random, who is now back in the pantomime, defeated Juliana Pena by submitting a third-round submission on the card on Saturday, and could reconsider against Holm, while two-division champion Nunes defended his 5 145m title in December.

CBS Sports had all the results and highlights of the UBC Fight Night Card with you on Saturday.

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UFC Fight Night Card and Results

  • Holy Holm Def. Irene Altana by consensus (50-44, 50-45, 50-44)
  • Carlos Felipe Def. Jorgen de Castro by consensus (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
  • Jermaine de Randami Def. Juliana Pena (Guillotine Choke) via Third Round Submission
  • Kyler Phillips Def. Cameron another second round via TKO (punches)
  • Tusco Dotorovic Def. Takwan Townsend Second Round via TKO (Punches)
  • Carlos Condit Def. Court McKee by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Charles Jordine vs. Josh Gulipov fights to separate the draw (30-27, 28-29, 28-28)
  • Imavov Def of Nassord. Jordan Williams by consensus (29-27, 29-27, 29-28)

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