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Northrop Grumman launched its capsule to the International Space Station from the Virginia coast

A cargo ship has been sent to the International Space Station with special food supplies for the astronauts.

U.S. global space agency Northrop Krumman unveiled its capsule off the coast of Virginia on Friday.

It featured a 360-degree camera designed for space walking, growing radish seeds and meat and cheeses for dinner.

The ship also includes compressed air tanks to help compensate A leak at the space station; The new $ 23m titanium toilet, designed for women, and the VR-camera, which provide cinematic shots of space and other outdoor scenes from space.

The unplanned delivery of 3,600 kg is now expected to reach its target on Monday.

The release provided a beautiful sky for visitors from Carolinas to New England – where the sky was clear.

Northrop Grooman launches capsule off the coast of Virginia to the International Space Station
The meats and cheeses on the ship are ready at Thanksgiving. Image: Northrop Krumman / NASA

“It’s an amazing launch,” said Kenny Todd, NASA’s deputy space station program manager.

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“It’s beautiful to make artificial dawn there for a few minutes.”

The Cygnus capsule contains a wide variety of delicacies requested by astronauts – such as Genoa salami, smoked quota and provolone, pre, cherry tomatoes, oranges, beacons and chocolate covered cranberries – all at Thanksgiving on November 26th.

It also features newer foods than usual, as the number of people in the space station will increase from six to seven with the second space launch of SpaceX later this month.

The astronauts will have the opportunity to grow their own harvest this year along with the radishes.

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Researchers believe that the 40 seeds sent will shoot within a month.

Slightly larger plants such as peppers and tomatoes may follow in a few years.

NASA’s new toilet aims to accommodate more women at a time when more female astronauts are expected to go into space.

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