Google meeting to get features like this interesting zoom very soon

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Updated: October 3, 2020 at 3:18:58 pm

With its free usable feature extended for many more months, users can now continue their business and online activities on the platform without the need for a business account. (Image: Google)

After extending Google Recovery’s free call feature to the current infection status until March 2021, Google is soon to introduce a number of new features of the Voting & Question (Q&A) feature to its video calling site. Google had already announced these features in June, but confirmed in August that they would release them in October. Both of these features are very similar to the Zoom video calling application.

As announced AndroidPolice, Both of these features will be released gradually from October 8th It is available for sites such as G Suite Enterprise for Education, G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Essentials and G Suite Business.

Currently, there is no confirmation from Google as to when these features will be available on G Suite Basic, G Suite for Education and G Suite for Nonprofit Customers. According to AndroidCentral, Which is rumored to be accessible from all eligible accounts October 23.

Also, Google said in its blog post that the Q&A feature will be supportive of soft-spoken people and will take some more time to process their thoughts in a crowded environment. This will make the meetings more inclusive by giving everyone the opportunity to ask questions, while encouraging them to present their ideas.

In terms of voting, Google said it would create an optimal environment to take comments at business and education meetings. Through real-time feedback, teachers can learn about the level at which their students understand the quiz, while a sales representative can make an interactive upgrade to their tactics through customer feedback.

Previously, Google Meat had improved its video-conferencing application with active noise cancellation from the background-blur feature. Additionally, it added a whiteboard feature and extended support for Chromecast devices by dividing participants into a gallery of 49 people.

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