Adorable George, Charlotte and Louise speak on camera while questioning David Attenborough

Adorable George, Charlotte and Louise speak on camera while questioning David Attenborough

Kensington Palace has released an adorable video of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis questioning Sir David Attenborough about wildlife.

This is a rare opportunity for royal family fans to hear the children speak and see how they have grown.

It is believed that this is the first time Prince Louis has spoken on camera.

The sweet scenes were released by Kensington Palace and belonged to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In the video, the three royal children take it to Sir David to ask them questions.

Seven-year-old Prince George said, “Hello David Attenborough, what animal do you think will become extinct next?”

When SIR David Attenborough asked his question, Prince George wisely stood up for the camera.

Next up is five-year-old Charlotte, “Hello David Attenborough, I like spiders, do you like spiders too?”

Then, little Louis’ turn, two, to the senior broadcaster, “What animal do you like? That sounds like, though it sounds a little more like “Amil”.

Of course, Sir David answers all their questions in great detail.

Charlotte is embarrassed on camera when Sir David asks her a question

The footage was recorded at Kensington Palace last month.

The video comes when Sir David William, Kate, 38, meets Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and two-year-old Louise at Kensington Palace.

Louis asked Sir David what his favorite animal was

He personally viewed his new environmental documentary with the Duke of Cambridge held at the Palace Grounds.

In pictures released last week, Sir David donated a 23 million year old shark tooth to Prince George.

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The young prince was photographed manipulating fossil teeth from the extinct Carsarocles megalodon – one of the most feared predators to swim in the oceans – and plot.

David Attenborough answered each of the children’s questions in detail

Later, William and senior broadcaster saw A Life on Ever Planet, an obvious and powerful first-hand account in which Sir David reflects both the limited moments of his life as a naturalist and the catastrophic changes he witnessed.

Socially distant in the open, the names of the Duke of Cambridge and Sir David were given to the chairs of the directors printed on the back – but at the change of plan they sat on each other’s seats.

The 94-year-old broadcaster spoke to William, Kate and their three children, George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louise after the screening on Thursday.

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