Marlins-Cups Game 2 Postponed: NL Wild Card clash expected to resume in Chicago on Friday

Marlins-Cups Game 2 Postponed: NL Wild Card clash expected to resume in Chicago on Friday

Major League Baseball has announced that the NL Wild Card Series Game 2 between Cubs Marlins on Thursday has been postponed to Friday. The game, originally scheduled for 2:08 p.m., was pushed back by ET due to rainy weather in Chicago. The weather report did not show many heavy rains, but it sat at 50 percent rain during the day and night, so I did not want to tackle speculation MLP start and stop – especially after seeing how the Yankees win in Cleveland came out on Wednesday night / Thursday morning.

In the playoffs, weather-related decisions are made from Major League Baseball to the pitch, followed by calls from the jury.

Friday will be ET at 2:08 p.m., which is 1:08 local time in Chicago.

Here are some more things about procrastination.

Game 2 levels does not change

Cups You Darwish is ready to go in Game 2. He was one of the best pitchers in the game of baseball this season. That came after he lost five cups in eight wins this season. He was called in early in the game to the point where he wasn’t even hot, so he would be a starter.

The same goes for Marlins with Sixth Sanchez. There is no reason to change plans, he thinks the pitch is not hot on Thursday.

Martin’s condition may change

Marlins suffered a setback in Game 1 of Starling Marte His arm was fractured. He was not in line for Game 2, manager Dan Mattingly told reporters as he got to play run pinch and defense, but did not win. Reports suggest that at some point in the future Martே will try to injure himself with a brace. Get him an extra day in line for Game 2.

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Game 1 Players can play in Game 3

Over the past few years we have all seen the reliance on top flight launcher pitchers involved in relief work in the playoff games. It doesn’t really seem possible in a three-game series to open the playoffs, but with a day off, it could happen in this series, with Cubs having to beat Game 2 and force a third game.

Kyle Hendricks threw 106 pitches, which wasn’t really a ton for him. As usual with a normal opening pitcher, Saturday will be a side session for him. At one point manager David Rose decides to hire Hendrix on two days off. Or he can hope to win and the extra retired Hendrix is ​​ready to go to Game 1 of the NLDS.

Similarly, in Game 1 he allowed only one run in three wins in 6 2/3 innings, with Sandy Alcondara having the least trouble with the Cubs bats. Getting him to the relief duty in Game 3 is very appealing to Don Mattingly, and again, even for Game 3 things have to come.

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