CBS Pittsburgh – Social media explains with reports of giant meteorites across the East Coast

CBS Pittsburgh - Social media explains with reports of giant meteorites across the East Coast

Pittsburgh (KDKA / AP) – Did you see that?

Early Wednesday morning, several social media users in Pittsburgh and above and below the East Coast reported seeing a bright light and a line in the sky.

Lightning struck shortly before 6:30 a.m. A truck driver with an I-76 in Pennsylvania was able to capture flash video from their Dashcom.

The American Omeyer Society, a non-profit group, said it had received more than 200 reports of a bright fireball in eastern Ohio. Community official Robert Lanceford said Fireball was probably a random meteorite not associated with any known meteor shower.

It only takes an object the size of a piece of software to create a flash as bright as the moon, Lanceford said. Lanceford said the material may be slightly larger, but additional analysis will be needed to determine its size.

KDKA spoke to a science writer, explaining that fireball is mostly a meteorite falling towards Earth. Although meteorites are not rare, seeing one, especially this bright one, often does not happen.

β€œWe saw truly exceptional meteorites, when debris, rock or metal from space hit the atmosphere,” said science writer Ralph Grove.

Crew says that the speed of the meteorite caused it to heat up so quickly and that it was rare to see such a large fireball.

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“They really do happen often, but not in the most populous areas in general. Most of the earth is the sea, so we’m lucky to see something like this,” she told KDKA’s Lisa Washington.

Preliminary reports suggest that the fireball flew from the southeast to the northwest via Ohio’s North Benton, 77 miles from Pittsburgh, and that its flight ended somewhere.

He said the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh was aware of the reports but had no information.

Officials at the University of Pittsburgh’s Alejandro Lab did not immediately comment.


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