EastEnders fans point out that the soap is an epic failure ‘during the most bizarre wedding’

On Tuesday’s episode EastEnders could not help the fans, but had a socially distant wedding, which delighted fans who were branded “weird”.

Rainey Cross and Stuart tied the knot in the middle of the highway Albert Square so he could not open the door because Stuart was badly stuck in the wedding car and the battery was dead.

Rainey (Tanya Franks) was initially angry, but since the couple missed their place in church, they decided to hold the ceremony right there on the road.

Pleasant footage showed Rainey and Stuart (Ricky Champ) reading their vows before Rainey revealed that there was a surprising announcement for Stuart.

The socially distant wedding took place tonight in Albert Square

“I’m pregnant!” She screamed as Stuart was overwhelmed with emotions.

“Are we going to be parents?” He asked in surprise, before shouting happily and paying homage to the car horn.

But some eagle-eyed observers pointed out that if the car’s battery died, the horn would not work.

One tweeted: “#EastEnders battery is too flat, he can’t open the door, but the horn is working properly”.

“How did the horn work if the batteries died ??? #Estenders,” another wondered.

But this is all wrong for Rainey and Stuart

Stuart was locked in the car

The third murmured: “Dear EastEnders, Eddie is watching. I have received credible information that the horn will not sound when the car battery is dead. Many thanks, dissatisfied fan.”

Meanwhile, in front of Bill Mitchell (Steve McBaden), when he knocked down Danny Hartcoastel as a dangerous attack, Callum Highway fans were taken by surprise.

Callum was forced to pick up a police wire at The Arch by DI Thompson, so they gathered evidence against Bill and put him behind bars.

Rainey announced she was pregnant

But when Danny catches him by the paperwork and Bill returns for an explanation, Galem loses it when Danny threatens to harm Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and violently attacks him with a wrench.

Meanwhile, in the captivating scenes, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) mourns the death of Chandelle Atkins (Jessica Plummer), who is saddened when she sees photos of her daughter.

It was an emotional day for the couple

When Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) found her and comforted her, the ex-couple kissed through brilliant camerawork and CGI, and in real life the snack was believable despite the actors being two meters apart.

Mitch raised doubts about Chandel’s death because he knew how unhappy he was with Gray, but who would he trust?

* EastEnders airs on BBC One on Mondays at 8.05pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.35pm and Fridays at 8.30pm

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