Da Bradt’s girlfriend Jessica Dupert Shades Lizare McCoy following the public dissolution

Da Bradt's girlfriend Jessica Dupert Shades Lizare McCoy following the public dissolution
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With a photo of him judging someone behind the camera, the businessman captioned his post, ‘Mood !! No what was said ‘

Yes brotherThe girlfriend has addressed Lizare McCoy In the latest episode of “The rapper callsCocktail with Queens“. When looking at his deleted post on Instagram, it’s very safe to say Jessica Dupart The actress did not appreciate what she said to her girlfriend during the show.

Jessica shared a picture that appeared to give someone a judging look from the camera as she took it to the photo sharing site and pulled Da Brad’s hand. He wrote in the title of the post, “Mood !! No what was said …” Although Jessica did not mention the names in this post, many decided to talk about Lizare who gave him time.

Not only that, but many warned Jessica to stay away from their problems because it was not her profession. “If he talked to his Lisa, it was none of his business,” one said. “It’s better to shut up before everyone is out of the Mother ** King dressing room,” another advised her.

Lizare expressed how sad it was to know that Da Brad was coming out of the tabloids instead of himself. However, the actress clarified that she is “happy for you and glad you live in your truth”. … It is a blessing that you are so happy and vibrant. Congratulations on my birthday this way you come out and verbally appreciate it, because I have not heard from you during the (comprehensive) show ‘months. ”

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His co-hosts later tried to mediate between the sisters, but Lizare did not appreciate it because he expelled them. “I didn’t give in to what I was saying. You know nothing. She does. You do. You do,” she looked at her co-workers and nodded. Vivika A. Fox “Who knows this F ** king is going to leave this surprise?”

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