Lizare McCoy’s birthday celebration goes to the left with the appearance of Da Brad

Lizare McCoy's birthday celebration goes to the left with the appearance of Da Brad

It is obvious that the actress does not appreciate calling her ‘Cocktails with the Queens’ co-hosts female rapper, surprising them when they are currently in bad shape.

Lizare McCoyS “Cocktail with Queens“The co-hosts simply wanted to surprise her on her birthday, yet it looks like they chose the wrong way to do it. In the latest episode of the talk show things quickly went left. Claudia Jordan Others were invited Yes brother Over the show.

As soon as she saw the female rapper, Lizare burst into tears as she clearly tried to be quiet. “I’m shocked,” Da Brad admits, not surprisingly seeing him do so before. “We’m a little bit apart or she’s really wondering ‘you know …'” he said, realizing that Da Brad was “afraid” to open up about himself, so he explained that there was a little “space” in their relationship with his girlfriend, Jessica Dupart, Lizarre.

Da Brad said it was “the first time in a long time” that he and Lizarre had not spoken to each other, yet insisted that he still loved the actress, and that he wanted to know that she had already grown up, so Lizarre did not have to act like her big sister anymore. The latter was not with him because he pointed out that he was crazy about Da Brad because Da Brad had to find out about his relationship through gossip sites instead.

“I don’t want to hear it from the blog,” he said. “I didn’t hear this from you. I had to look at it somewhere else, so it hurt me. That’s me.” Lizarre and Da Brad went back and forth after that, with his co-hosts trying to mediate between the two stars. However, it’s clear that Lizare did not appreciate what they were doing, because at some point later, she said, “I do not care what F ** k says. Anyway, you do not know ** D. She does. She does. You do. You do.”

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