Are Tracy Ellis Rose and Harry Styles Dating?

If you’ve been on Twitter from the evening of September 27th to the morning of September 28th, you may have noticed that Tracy Ellis Rose is gaining popularity. Because Black-ish The actor is paired with former One Direction singer Harry Styles. The rumors came after a source said the couple had seen each other. But Tracy Ellis Rose and Harry Styles In fact Dating? Here we know.

Tracy Ellis Rose and Harry Styles
(LR) Tracy Ellis Rose and Harry Styles | Andrew Toth / Film Magic; Thea Dipasubil / Getty Images North America

How Tracy Ellis Rose and Harry Styles met and how their relationship is

Rose and Styles met on Instagram, he explained in the December 2019 look Late Late Show with James Gordon.

“You know, DM,” he shared. “Harry started liking my pictures. ‘Who are these Harry Styles?’ Then I started commenting on your pictures. I said, ‘When is he going to perform in LA?’ You say, ‘This weekend. Do you want to come? ‘I said,’ Sir I do. ‘

Styles who hosted the show, what they met on Instagram, confirmed that Rose was coming to her show. But he gave no indication that the two were in love with each other, saying Rose was simply looking for him because he was “simply crazy about his songs”.

Why do people think that Tracy Ellis Rose and Harry Styles are dating

The rumors started circulating after a fan reported seeing Rose and Styles on a date at the Italian restaurant Basil in Los Angeles “6/8 months ago” for Ace Showbiz.

The person said he heard the two allegedly having a “juicy” conversation, at which point they said “they are asking each other, where are they together, do they want to go to the bathroom together”.

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Rose or Styles has not been rumored yet, but they are so wild that it is hard to believe that they are true, especially since Rose is so personally careful about her figure and her personal life.

Although he has been associated with many people over the years, he usually keeps his relationships hidden and does not attract attention.

“I was born into a very general family, so I got a relationship with the important ones myself … [and] What is sacred in my life, ”Rose said ABC News In 2017 when she explains the very least reason for her dating career.

“I did not make a decision [that] ‘I will never talk about my relationship’ or anything like that, ”he continued. “It’s definitely not a decision I made or anything like that, but there are some things that are sacred to me. They are not for public consumption. They are mine.”

In the past, Rose has been associated with music executive Apo ‘Pu’ Thiam from 2011 to 2013 Black-ish Created by Kenya Paris January 2020 to May 2020. For his part, Styles has dated Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift and Cara Telewingne.

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