What to see this weekend: ‘Ben 15,’ ‘Ratch’ and so on

What to see this weekend: 'Ben 15,' 'Ratch' and so on

Do you think you have dried up the old Netflix note when it comes to new shows and movies to watch?

Even though Hollywood has been closed for a few months due to the COVID-19 epidemic, think again as streaming networks are still releasing new content.

Everyone has new content from shows about lovely middle school outings to wild barbecue cooking confrontation.

If you are looking for something new this weekend here are some suggestions.

‘Ben 15’

The second season of this upcoming comedy was dropped last week, which may be one of the best seasons on TV released in 2020. The show follows best friend seventh graders Maya and Anna. And Middle School embarrassment, 2000.

The catch is that actresses Maya Erskine and Anna Kongal, 30, who play Maya and Anna, are the creators of the show. Maya and Anna’s classmates are played by real teenagers, so it’s a lot of fun to see what it means to be a bad pre-teenager when these two grown girls are playing around 14 year old boys.

If you were a millionaire who was in Axel Middle School or Junior High School from the late 90s to the mid-90s, you will find it very difficult to relate to this show. Maya and Anna have a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas and want to talk to each other on the landline phones they see. They wear butterfly clips on their hair and socks around their necks. It’s a real blast from the past, and the show really catches on to a nasty pre-teen character.

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You can stream it on Hulu.


Another day, another new TV show from the mind of Ryan Murphy.

Writer and director Netflix (along with many more in the future) has sparked new shows, most recently, and the latest from the creator of “American Horror” and “Glee” is “Rated”.

Co-produced with screenwriter Ivan Romansky, “Ratchet” is from the untold original story by Nurse Mildred Ratchet and the film “One Fly Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

Nurse Ratchet is the most recognizable character from the 1975 film, and one of the worst characters in cinematic history. Actress Louise Fletcher, who played Nurse Ratchet, also won the Oscar for Best Actress for the film.

“Glue flew” tries to give a glimpse into the nurse’s life.

Sarah Paulson, who has worked with Murphy on countless other projects, plays the title character and is incredible in that role.

Sometimes it seems that the show could be another season like one of Murphy’s other shows, “American Horror Story”, the cast he assembled for the show, including Sharon Stone and Cynthia Nixon, “Rated” until the end.

You can stream it on Netflix.


Do you need a little mindless entertainment to unleash the chaotic world around you? Don’t watch anything other than Netflix’s latest fun show “Sing”.

The song contest is hosted by actor and singer Titus Burgess, and it features amateur singer contestants as they do their best to sing out everything during the karaoke.

We may all be embarrassed by a night of karaoke, so it’s very easy to interact with the “singers” on this show. A machine explores how well each singer sings parts of a song, and depending on the round, a singer is eliminated by being a bad singer or by other competitors. A winner is named at the end of each chapter.

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It’s similar to another Netflix competition, “Nail It”, in which amateur bakers are encouraged to do what they can. It’s fun, with a light heart, and sometimes, you can find yourself singing along to popular songs. Show.

You can see it on Netflix.

‘Great British Baking Show’

The tent is back, the tent is back!

The “Great British Baking Show” is a baking competition that takes place in the UK (Go Figure) and features a good number of amateur bakers competing in the weekly baking challenges. The show was filmed a few months ago after deregulation in the United Kingdom and is currently airing overseas.

While Netflix usually shortens the first show of a show for the entire season, new episodes of “Great British Baking Show” are released weekly, with the first episode dropping on Friday, just days after its premiere in the UK

While the format of the show hasn’t changed much, it’s still fun to meet a group of new bakers and see what these amateur players are bringing to the tournament. Although this is currently the healthiest reality show on TV, choosing their favorite and root for all seasons is still fun.

‘American Barbecue Clash’

If you are a fan of the “Great British Baking Show”, the “American Barbecue Showdown” will be above your alley. Ten amateur chefs specializing in barbecue are competing in a series of challenges that will test all their skills when smoking meat on an open fire.

It may not seem like a season worth of challenges when it comes to barbecue, but the show did a good job of getting creative and challenging the chefs. There are challenges for chefs to make their best pork and beef ribs and to “create a classic combo with two sides” such as smoking exotic meats like venison, alligator and raccoon.

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The contestants in the “Great British Back Off” are as super supportive of each other as the bakers, so this is a nice bright clock if you enjoy cooking competition shows.

You can see it on Netflix.

‘Enola Homes’

This original Netflix movie is based on the book of the same name, and it follows the famous and famous Sherlock Holmes’ younger sibling Enola Holmes. It is a super funny idea to think that Sherlock Holmes has a sister who wants to be a detective just like her older brother.

After his 16th birthday, Enola is set to solve a big mystery and, of course, he embarks on a wild adventure with the help of his brother Sherlock.

The film stars A + actors Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Helena Bonham-Carter.

What will you see first?

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