Brighton vs Manchester United Live: Latest Premier League updates today

Brighton vs Manchester United Live: Latest Premier League updates today

United lost 3-1 to Crystal Palace at Old Trafford and the pace looked good, so they will be sure to put it right here. But they face Brighton, who battled it out well against Chelsea early in the weekend before being thrashed 3-0 at Newcastle at St James’ Park.

Follow all the latest updates below:


43 min

The goal! Brighton 1-1 Manchester United (Macquarie)

Period Rice-Coats26 September 2020 13:13


42 min

Brighton’s penalty came from an unavoidable mistake made by Van-Pisa on the right. He was kicked out by the impressive March, and a few seconds later Lampede stained the box.

Period Rice-Coats26 September 2020 13:13


41 min

Matic is recorded after holding Connolly with one hand to the face.

Period Rice-Coats26 September 2020 13:12


40 min

The goal! Brighton 1-0 Manchester United (m up bay)

A brave sentence from the m up boy! He browses up, Panenka style, down the middle. Di Jia dives to his left and can do nothing as the ball floats in the net. Brighton lead.

Period Rice-Coats26 September 2020 13:10


39 min

The fine stands. Fernandez caught at the pace of Lombardy, Brighton now has a great chance to get a worthy lead


38 min

Fine for Brighton! Lambe gets a pass from Lambana shortly before Fernandes clip the youngster in the box. The referee, after a slight delay, points out the location. The VAR will definitely be checked.

Period Rice-Coats26 September 2020 13:09


36 min

Brighton threatens again with March set pieces. With United dealing with them, the game was goalless with ten minutes left in the first half.

Period Rice-Coats26 September 2020 13:06


35 min

That target, which was not allowed, was a warning to Brighton. They have been the best side, but United’s personal quality, especially in those front three, they do not really have to play well to win games.

Period Rice-Coats26 September 2020 13:05


33 min

United Score! But the flag is above. It does not count. It was a free-flowing counter-attack, started by Marshall, who hits a couple of players and feeds the rashboard to his left. Then he takes it out in the middle of Greenwood, and the young man ends up cold. But there was offside in the rashboard configuration.

Period Rice-Coats26 September 2020 13:04


31 min

Press the home side high and catch the ball with the ball on the edge of his own box. March pierces another dangerous ball across the middle, but there is no one to meet it.

Period Rice-Coats26 September 2020 13:02

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