Security footage of the culprit destroying the Milwaukee Brewers domain

Miller Park Milwaukee Brewers
Miller Park Milwaukee Brewers

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Milwaukee Brewers slips. They finished 2nd in their division last season and took the Wild Card spot. The previous season they went with a tear and went 96-67 to beat NL Central. But with three days left in the season, they are 4th in their division and 27-29 in the compact season. This guy is Keon Lambert, who has added too much salt to the team’s injuries this season.

He was accused of sneaking back into the field on June 2 and ‘by sneaking’ he ‘walked through the open / open door’ and his plan was to use a tractor to write his name on the field cursive using tractor tires. But the tractor was too slow, so he dug holes and caused $ 40,000 worth of damage.

Stephen Watson was the sports presenter / reporter for WISN 12 News in Milwaukee, and he filed an ‘open recording request’ to view security camera footage of the incident, and the Browsers complied. We try to smash a security camera before the accused normally opens the front door and then goes to the field using a tractor to dig holes.

The cherry above travels around the bases before this guy damages the K 40K. Did he really think he wasn’t going to get caught ?? Could he have assumed that there was only one security camera in the building ?? No one can be that dumb, can they ?!

His directing of the sites in the opposite direction really throws me off. No one with a good mind would do that. Maybe it’s all plans. Do something incredibly insane on security camera, a lawyer pointing out the footage, ‘Yours sincerely, my client was clear from the mind because no sensible person would run sites in that direction.’

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This is actually a pretty brilliant defense because there is no argument against it. No person with a sound mind would come to a big league domain (or any field) and run sites on the wrong platforms. It violates all logic. In my mind that man is innocent.

Here is the solution from WISN:

They were then arrested and the man, identified as Lambert, confessed to reaching his waist and threatening the security team, so they would be afraid to approach him.
Damage to the Miller Park field is estimated at $ 40,000.
The person in the video can then be seen jogging from the first platform to the home plate to the third phase.
Lambert was later released on a bond.
A judge ruled he had no connection with Miller Park and ordered him to undergo a mental assessment.
He pleaded not guilty due to mental illness or disability.
Lambert will return to court on October 12. (Via WISN)

Will I update this article in the future after he appears in court on October 12? Truth be told, probably not. I think I got everything I wanted / needed from this security footage and from this story, and I am ready to move forward.

I question if I can ever drive a tractor, and if I was a commander when I was flying I had no idea I could.

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