NASA OSIRIS-REx Probe to Touch Down on Asteroid Bennu on October 20

NASA Osiris-Rex probe to touch asteroid pen on October 20

After four years of travel, NASA’s robotic spacecraft Osiris-Rex will land on the rocky surface of Pennu on October 20 and touch down in a few seconds to collect rock and dust samples, the company said on Thursday.

Scientists hope this scope will help deepen our understanding of how Planets Evolved and life began and provides insight Asteroids It may affect Earth.

“Based on this team’s multi-year planning and hard work it takes five to 10 seconds to get in touch with Docsam (the touch-and-go model acquisition mechanism) surface,” said Mike Morey. OSIRIS-REx Deputy Project Manager.

NASA Is Chose a site called Nightingale, A rocky area with a diameter of 52 feet (16 m) Spacecraft The robotic arm trying to collect a specimen because it contains the finest grains.

The spacecraft, about the size of a large van, should touch down in an area about the size of a few parking spaces, being careful to avoid the surrounding boulders.

Because of the spacecraft and Determining At a distance of about 207 million miles (334 million kilometers) from Earth, the signals take about 18.5 minutes to travel between them.

This prevents direct command of aircraft operations, so the spacecraft must make the sequence automatically.

To bring OSIRIS-REx back to Earth, you need to collect at least 2 ounces (57 grams) of penny rock, which is the largest sample revenue from space. Apollo Program.

It will deliver its paycheck to Earth on September 24, 2023.

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