Thyroid Taylor Injury: Chargers team doctor punctures QB’s lungs before game

Thyroid Taylor Injury: Chargers team doctor punctures QB's lungs before game

If you’re surprised to see Justin Herbert getting a start for Los Angeles Chargers in Week 2, you’re not alone. Current QB1, Thyrod Taylor, the Super Bowl champion, had zero indication that he would miss the team’s match against the Kansas mayors, and he was simply missing from the field – he was not sidelined. Taylor was taken to hospital Sunday after being listed in Friday’s injury report with a rib injury, but it was not the injury that caused his sudden turn.

The problem is that the Chargers team doctor is said to have punctured Taylor’s lungs, trying to give him a pain-killing injection to help him with the aforementioned rib injury, To ESPN’s Adam Schifter, Forcing him to seek immediate medical treatment. Taylor was released later that day and is advised to sit indefinitely until his full recovery from the puncture at 3 weeks and beyond. That doesn’t mean he’s over for the season, rather the team will play it by ear, but Herbert will get a start in Week 3 again – per Ian Roboport of the NFL Network.

This is a tragic misconduct of Chargers medical staff, and it is not yet clear what is off the field, especially as Taylor’s work as a starter is now in very real danger. Herbert excelled at the loss of the Chargers to the chiefs, while head coach Anthony Lynn insisted that Taylor was still QB1, and it was not written in stone. And if Taylor misses too much time, assuming Herbert continues to play better, the declaration will be true. Medical Accident Chargers opens up to systematic downtime and / or legal action if Taylor decides to push the issue forward.

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The NFLPA has launched an investigation into the matter.

As for the accident, medical professionals are looking at the chances of a perforated lung in a known risk practice, To Sam Famer Los Angeles Times, Notes that the traditional recommendation for 4-6 weeks following an incident like this is no hard work. Chronologically, if Taylor receives such advice and considers that he can return within that time frame, he will be available to chargers somewhere between late October and early November, which could also run against the team pi in the 10th week. The developing story, however, is completely fluid at any given timeline at this time and is subject to change as additional details come to light.

Taylor signed a two-year, $ 11 million contract in 2019 to backup Philip Rivers, who has now departed and joined Indianapolis Golds. Despite previously naming Taylor Starter for the 1st week in office, Chargers made the extra move to use the sixth overall pick at Herbert, leaving many wondering if the future of the franchise in 2020 will immediately throw away the keys. However, not for at least the 1st week, but the mistake the Chargers team doctor made was giving Herbert a job last week.

Now, Taylor is also in the final year of his contract and working with his own team doctor to recover from the lungs, and it is unclear whether the senior will ever return to his job.

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