Here’s what to expect from Call of Duty: Warson Season 6

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warson Season 6 is right around the corner, Activision is releasing a new movie trailer to tease. Check this out:

Warson’s magnificent Verdansk map will undergo a major transformation, with underground tunnels being inserted into the map, which will transform Warson into a larger one. There are also some new operators with the introduction of Nikolai and Farah.

As new operators enter the field in Season 6, we can expect:


  • Farah, the founder and commander of the Uruguayan Liberation Army, grew up as a fighter after Roman Barkov escaped from prison. He was an exceptional soldier and leader. With further training with the SAS his skills were further honored and he has led dangerous missions to fight al-Qatala forces and other regimes established in his country.
  • Following the events of the campaign, Farah reunites with his former scout, Iskra, at the Alligators’ Simera. Farah opens immediately on layer 0 of Season Six Battle Pass. In addition to Farah’s basic skin, players can receive additional skins and other rewards by completing his operator tasks.


  • The head of Nikolai Simera, a PMC within the Allies. Nikolai, a longtime friend of Captain Price, initially teamed up with Price, Kamarov and Kate Loswell to develop an arms structure to prevent the rise of a new AQ. After the fall of Armicides, Nikolai now takes the war into his own hands to stop Jake.
  • Nikolai is a Russian patriot with a deep love for his country, and he only fits in with his love for weapons. He is known as an adjuster and can get anything. Despite his dark background he always chooses what is right when he calculates. Nicola can open on Tier 100 of Season Six War Pass. Players can complete operator missions to get extra skins for Nikolai and other rewards.
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warson launch on PC, Xbox One and PS4 September 29 When you can Read more about Season 6 here.

Expect from Call of Duty here: Warson Season 6 01 |

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