New Tribute Quest, Warriors Distress Signal and Europa Map

New Tribute Quest, Warriors Distress Signal and Europa Map

I had planned to set aside some time from Destiny 2 until the Festival of the Lost, but here’s what needs to be beyond the day of light release, there is still a little more to go.

A new thing happening in real sports today is the search for a new tribute that pays homage to Matt Helsom, a senior environmental artist of Vicarius visions who passed away at the age of 45 last year from cancer.

The tribute search did not directly mention Helsome with a pop-up message in the login or explain what it was, but it did tell us to go to Mars and find the old Golden Age terminal. Vicarius Visions and Helsom worked on Mars for the Warmind expansion, which will soon be placed in the Destiny 2 content box when Beyond Light wins.

To find the workstation, you need to go to Ana last MindLob Rasputin. As you go through the pipe section, turn right and there is an open door that appears to be a replica of Helsome’s old workstation. You can communicate with it, but it appears to do nothing.

Go back to Ana, she has a touching message that writes within the canon of the Helsome game. The reward for searching is an attractive cryptocurrency, but if you already have one you can not pick it up because they are not stacked. I think I should spend it in Sur and come back for the weekend.

It ended up very well. We definitely recommend doing a quest to pay tribute to the fallen friend of the game.

I did not run Interruption Search this week, but I’m almost 100% sure it’s not progressing today, so I’ll wait to prove it wrong.

On the contrary, the big news today is that Bungee has released a new Europa-centric trailer for the movie Funky Light, which seems to play a key role in the somewhat described Warrix, the game’s upcoming story. It is said that we (and the stranger, Eris and Drifter) are drawn to Europa because of a tragic lighthouse coming from Warrix, which means that he is still on our side after some speculation that he has turned against us. Maybe this is a trap though, who knows.

The trailer shows different parts of Europa and also appears inside both the Deep Stone Crypt and a Pyramid Ship. We saw a new Wax enemy type in the trailer and everyone is trying to figure out what the deal is for it.

Poongi has a new one Europa page live It describes some of the new areas of patrol that you can visit. No. fully More detailed maps, but knowing different areas. Here’s how it looks when different pieces are put together. It seems. Is large, and keep in mind that large pieces of this zone are underground.

All of this makes me very sad that Beyond Light is not here today, and is now stuck in a hellish November release window with a dozen other massive games. But for me, it takes precedence.

I’ll see if anything else changes in the game this week, but for now, tribute seems to be the main thing, and the trailer release out of the game. There are a lot to come.

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