NASA chief Venus says ‘a stop in our search for life’

NASA chief Venus says ‘a stop in our search for life’

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein described Planet Venus is “a stop in our search for life.”

“Today, we are in the midst of a series of exciting discoveries that can tell us more about the possibility of life on Earth,” he said. Report. Astrobiology, which involves the search for life at NASA, is a top priority at NASA, explained Brightenstein.

Brittstein quoted New research A rare molecule in the clouds of Venus, from the team of international astronomers who revealed the discovery of phosphine.

Scientists have noted that on Earth, gas is produced only by microorganisms that thrive industrially or in an oxygen-free environment.

Venus shows signs of possible alien life in its clouds, scientists find

Research led by Professor Jane Graves of Cardiff University in the UK Announced Published by the Royal Astronomical Society and in the journal Natural astronomy.

False color image of Venus was consolidated using 283-nm and 365-nm band images taken by the Venus UV Imager (UVI).
(JAXA / ISAS / Akatsuki Project Team)

Brightenstein described the discovery as “mysterious”, noting that it could lead to biological references. “As is natural in science, the more we learn, the more questions we have,” he said. “This is a good cycle of discovery, including finding potential life signatures in other worlds.”

The NASA chief explained that four missions are being considered until the two Discovery missions selected in 2021. “Among them is an astronomical study of the moon Neptune Triton and the geological work of the planetary body that acts as the most volcanic in the solar system, Jupiter’s moon Io,” he said. The other two trips under consideration are proposed trips to Venus. One focuses on understanding its atmosphere and the other focuses on understanding the geographical history of Venus. ”

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According to Friedenstein, NASA has partnered with Europe on another proposed Venus mission called Envision.

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