Bill Gates Sr., who led the charity of the billionaire’s son, has died at the age of 94

“The enormous part of his contribution was not only the strategic focus and the organizational structure of the foundation, but he also helped to establish the principles on which we worked,” Ms. Stonesifer said. Gates Sr. said in an interview for this condolence in January. . “He was a daily reminder that just because you have a check book, does not mean you have knowledge or experience of the issues we are trying to address; we need to listen to those who have experience and knowledge.”

Bill Gates Jr. had the early success of his father’s foundation. He told the Seattle Times in 2003: “I’m sure resources are available, and he’s working to spend money wisely.”

A prominent Seattle lawyer with heavy civil and professional obligations, Mr. Gates Sr. often left his wife, Mary, with duties to raise their two daughters and a son, all agreed, and as a boy it became an unbearable argument – he had to clean his room, stop biting his pencils, and sit down to dinner at the right time. The request was opposed.

The test of their will exploded at a dinner table, and Bill yelled at his mother He described many years later To the Wall Street Journal as “absolutely, total, teasing, smart-ass child rudeness.” In response, his father threw a glass of water at his son’s face in a “rare explosion.”

Young Bill was taken to a therapist who advised his parents to ease the discipline. They sent him to a private private school called Lakeside in Seattle, where he got computers. There he met student computer wiz Paul Allen.

Many years later, when Bill left Harvard and moved to Albuquerque, his parents agreed, where he and Mr. Allen founded Microsoft in 1975.

Microsoft has grown into the world’s largest personal computer software company. Its 1986 public offering turned its founders into millionaires and its 12,000 employees into millionaires. It became one of America’s most valuable public companies – the third, after Apple and Amazon, to reach a magical trillion-dollar market capitalization.

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