The Brinkles pipe is trying to wake up from the ‘recycling dream’

The Brinkles pipe is trying to wake up from the ‘recycling dream’

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New designs open up, which is still “pop” when they open

The unique Brinkles pipe has been redesigned after criticism that recycling is almost impossible.

The current container for potato-based snacks was condemned A recycling dream.

It is a complex construction with a metal base, plastic cap, metal tear-lid and foil-lined cardboard sleeve.

The Recycling Association called it the Number One Recycling Villain – with the Lucosate Sports Bottle.

Now Brinkles’ maker Kellogg’s is trying a simple can – although experts say it’s not a complete solution.

The current version is particularly complex because it combines many different products

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Media headlineRoger Harab considers Brinkles recycling a challenge

90% of the new can is paper. About 10% is a sexual (plastic) barrier that covers the interior to protect the food from oxygen and moisture, which can damage the taste.

But how to cover? At some Tesco stores two options are being tested – recyclable plastic lid and recyclable paper lid. According to Kellogg’s, these lids will create a unique “pop” associated with the product.

Simon Elin, of the Recycling Association, told the BBC: “From a recycling point of view, the Brinkles pipe has been a bastion of poor design.

“This new version is an improvement and we welcome it.

“But, frankly, if they ‘re going to stick with a plastic lid, it’s going to add to the problems of plastic pollution – those at the picnic will leave them and find that they go into streams and the sea. That plastic lid has to go.”

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The Recycling Association said many manufacturers need to reconsider their packaging

Kellogg says its packaging must be airtight, or the food inside will be wasted.

The new designs have 12 months in production. Brinkles’ lifespan is 15 months – and three million cans are produced every day across Europe.

Mr Elin said the sex-coated card may be recyclable, but the product should be tested at recycling plants.

What is the most criticized Lucosate sports bottle? Mr Elin said its unchanging basic design was still a big issue because the machines were difficult to distinguish from the plastic in the bottle and the plastic that made up its outer sleeve.

He called on manufacturers Sundori to reduce the size of the outer sleeve, as is the case with the new Ribena bottle.

The company says it plans to do this for the new year.

Santori said it works on a new substance made from 100% edible, biodegradable and compostable sponge extracts.

Environmentalists say such trivial changes will not solve the world’s environmental crisis – but on a larger scale they will contribute.

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