Trump official prevents Fowzie from discussing the dangers of Govt children – report | American News

A health officer a Donald Trump Dr. Anthony Fossie is being appointed to stop talking about dangers Govt-19 For children, Politico Announced On Wednesday.

The efforts of Dr. Paul Alexander, who serves as a senior adviser to Michael Kaputo, assistant public secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), are described in emails received by Politico.

Alexander reportedly told the media at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) what Fossie should discuss during the interviews. Alexander reported Fossie’s possible answers to inquiries from publications such as Bloomberg News, Huff Post and Busfeed.

“I have a widespread problem with children being constantly tested and repeated by university students … I disagree with Dr. Fucci on this.

In an email on Tuesday, Alexander Fossi told a spokesman that the planned MSNBC should not support children wearing masks while sitting.

“Can we be sure that Dr. Fossy is referring to the presence of masks for teachers in schools? Not for children,” Alexander was quoted as saying in the e-mail. Nothing. If that happens, the risk is basically zero. ”

Although Alexander’s long journeys were designed as scientific concerns, they usually contradicted major sciences. The news has highlighted Trump’s comments on controversial topics related to the corona virus, school reopening and the use of active plasma, Politico noted.

Temporary storage of emails provides further evidence that Trump and his HHS appointments are pushing health officials Political news Above scientific information.

Capudo is said to have said in a statement that Fucci was a key voice in the midst of the public health crisis, claiming that Alexander’s focus was on evaluating the work of other scientists. In March, Kaputo appointed Alexander, a part-time professor of health research methods.

“Dr. Alexander advises me on the principle of epidemiology and he was encouraged to share his views with other scientists,” Kapudo’s statement said. “Like all scientists, his advice is heard or rejected by his colleagues. I appointed Dr. Alexander for his expertise, not simply echoing the opinions of others. ”

Fassi, who has led the NIH’s national allergy and infectious diseases department for nearly 40 years, said he had not seen Alexander’s emails. Fassi said his staff did not tell him to reduce the risks of Covid 19 to children.

“No one told me what I could say, what I couldn’t say,” Fucci commented. “I speak in scientific evidence.”

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