Tweet about the end of the Kardashians

Tweet about the end of the Kardashians

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The show has been airing since 2007 and next season will be its 21st day.

Twitter has lost its mind in an understandable way, so the best reactions to the news are here.


Some were frustrated:


When others were finally relieved:


Many do not know what to feel:


Although some doubt the validity of the notice:

False warning to everyone, they do not say the Bible! ourkourtneykardash imKimKardashian @khloekardashian @KrisJenner #KUWTK


Some are mysterious:


Some have speculated that Courtney (who recently) Give up Show) caused by:

Courtney Kardashian has said that she will not be in KUWTK’s next season, announcing that next season will be the last in a few months …… KOURTNEY IS THE ZAYN OF FAMILY


This person was glad Rob and Courtney were free:

Kardashians: It’s with a heavy heart to say goodbye to KUWTK, which is a wonderful 14 years and 20 seasons and we thank you so much for all the precious moments- Courtney and Rob:


Many of us are saddened by the desire to see Kardashian / Jenner:


The miraculous distraction it gave us from everyday life:


Others are willing to learn and grow from:

I’m ready for Chris Jenner’s book on business and how to build a multi – million dollar empire


Since Courtney’s desire to leave the show has been a plot point for the seasons, a lot of people are considering how Courtney should feel:


Some wonder what his immediate reaction was:


Others are happy for her:


Others wondered what Chris would do next:

I think Chris Jenner would be fine, but Chris, there’s a professional potential here Quiz If you are interested.


Some have predicted that Chris will join Real housewives Owner:


Another wondered if she could go and appear after her dreams Broadway:

Chris Jenner finally gets time to make his Broadway debut!


Or take charge as the manager of another family:

Chris Jenner Keeping Up With The Kardashians On The Way To Find Some New Kids w #KUWTK


Some are excited for the inevitable restart of the series with the new generation Kardashian / Jenner:

Whatever happens next, we will definitely not see it Continuing with the Kardashians (At least, not after 2021). Say goodbye to E’s great show – you’ll miss it.

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