Thousands petition for statue of Chadwick Bosman to replace federal monument in actor’s South Carolina hometown

Thousands petition for statue of Chadwick Bosman to replace federal monument in actor's South Carolina hometown

Recently thousands of people campaigned to replace a Confederate monument with a statue of actor Chadwick Bosman Ka hon Ravi Died After a private battle with cancer, in his hometown of Anderson, South Carolina.

At least two petitions in circulation in urge local and state officials to erect a public memorial to the beloved actor near County Court in Anderson.

Nearly 63,000 people signed up Petition And 54,000 people signed up Another Until Thursday afternoon.

Andrew Weaver, a student at Anderson University, who started one of the petitions, wrote: “Mr. Boseman is an American treasure without question and his praise continues. It is only fitting that his work should be honored at the same place where he received it.”

A second petition created by a user identified as “Anderson Citizen” has also received drag.

“I believe the community needs to come together to honor someone from Anderson, South Carolina, who was able to change the film industry. He opened many doors to many young black people with his leading roles in movies like Black Panther or Marshall. It is natural for his hometown to value what he has done, “it wrote.

In that petition, not intended to destroy the existing monument, a Confederation soldier stands on a platform, but instead transfers it to the local museum.

“It’s time to retire. The Anderson County Museum should be the permanent home of the Confederate monument,” the authors of the petition wrote. “It must be the history of the monument and the reasons for its relocation.

Both petitions were addressed to Anderson Mayor Terence Roberts, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and the state legislature on traditional law, which governs the removal of the monument with two-thirds of the vote in the state legislature.

“The South Carolina government believes the fate of the statues should be in the hands of the people, not just government officials,” one of the petitions said.

“This statue is on the county property, but under the state. Anderson is open to working with the district and the state to find a way forward to the Mayor Roberts Memorial. Right now, our city is grieving the loss of a native son. Our hearts and minds are now focused on mourning the loss of Chadwick Boseman We feel that way, “said a spokesman for Anderson City.” I can tell you that we will no doubt pay tribute to Chadwick Bosman. We will do it in a world – class way, and we will do it right. “

McMaster’s office did not send a request for comment on NBC News.

Anderson plans a public memorial service for Boseman on Thursday night, in which he will screen his iconic character, King D’Salla, in “Black Panther.”

The actor was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016 Died Friday According to a report from his family, he was 43 years old from the disease.

His death came as a shock to fans around the world for not discussing his health publicly. The depth of the actor’s impact was evident through hundreds of tributes and respect Young children.

In addition to his breakthrough role in the movie “Black Panther”, Boseman is also known for his powerful portrayals of Durkot Marshall, James Brown and Jackie Robinson.

“Anderson should be honored as a citizen who inspired millions, and Anderson needs a Chadwick Boseman,” the petition said. “Let him rest in peace.”

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