Second Grand Prix of the Italian Grand Prix, Live: The latest updates from Monza

Second Grand Prix of the Italian Grand Prix, Live: The latest updates from Monza

AWelcome to our coverage for training Italian Grand Prix In Monza. Since every time we return to any race Mercedes is expected to walk away with it, their situation is unlikely to be very interesting for any team. The “party mode” engine methods used by teams to qualify are illegal starting with this Grand Prix, but I do not see much impact on Mercedes. Maybe they can get to the pole in 0.7 seconds instead of 0.9 at the most. In any case, if the mechanical power is saved on Saturday – that means they can raise the wiki in races, the team told themselves.

Anyway, the durable Ferrari Saga is something to see this weekend. They had the worst performance in a decade at the Spa last week, finishing 13th and 14th, even behind Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari customer Alfa Romeo. Their main problem is power, of which they do not have much. If the spa is an circuit, the Monza is an circuit. This can be a very difficult weekend for them. I think the saving grace is that there will be no fans to express their dissatisfaction with the team’s suffering.

Another, the huge F1 News, following the sale of the Williams team to the Dorilton Capital, will be followed by Frank Williams and Claire Williams – the team’s principal and deputy, respectively, after this Grand Prix. It marks the end of an era for both the team and the game.

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