Starling test reaches over 100Mbps, is there a problem ahead of NBN?

Starling test reaches over 100Mbps, is there a problem ahead of NBN?

SpaceX launches another rocket today, with more Starling satellites in payload today, providing high-speed Internet around the world.

Blanking through coverage worldwide, thanks to the matrix of tens of thousands of satellites, providing the Internet to regional and rural areas of the world that have traditionally had a terrible Internet.

During today’s live stream for the latest launch, additional information about Startlink’s latest test was obtained by SpaceX staff.

Starling has confirmed that they can deliver with minimal delays. We have no details on exactly how many MS this is, however we now know what the download speed is possible. SpaceX has confirmed that the download speed of 100Mbps + has been reached on Starling.

These speeds are very relevant in the internet landscape of Australia, which sees most of our country affected by Class 2 internet speeds. Starling could change that significantly.

While launching thousands of satellites into space is not cheap, Starling has the potential to be the first true global Internet provider. This means that they can distribute the cost through a much larger user base than traditional ISPs. This means that the price of the internet from Starling has the potential to deliver better speeds at higher speeds.

Communications between several Starling satellites are also being tested, with ‘space lasers’ recently converting hundreds of gigabytes of data.

Today the rocket has 60 satellites and has already added more than 700 satellites.

Luckily today’s release went well and once again, SpaceX landed the booster on the drone again, ‘Of course I still love you’. This is the second use of this booster, which is the key to making startups more affordable.

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