Federal judge orders Georgia to extend deadline for return of absent judges

Federal judge orders Georgia to extend deadline for return of absent judges

Eleanor Rose, Georgia’s U.S. Northern District Judge, wrote that these “extraordinary times” were the reason voters were given relief.

“The court noted that it was reluctant to interfere in Georgia’s legal election machinery. However, where the risk of money laundering is high, as here, narrowly designed preventive relief is appropriate,” Rose wrote. “As a result, the court found that extending the deadline for non-receipt of ballot papers by three … business days was appropriate.

The lawsuit, filed by The New Georgia Project, an independent voter registration body, seeks to change related state laws. Absent ballot Manipulation in the state, including extending the deadline for receiving ballots not beyond ET by 7pm on November 3rd.

Ross’s order is to be postmarked by Election Day and count the votes cast at 7pm on November 6th.

The order is coming U.S. Postal Service Brace for unprecedented postal votes In 2020 election Due to the corona virus infection, this fall will scare many voters about the virus from polling stations. Democrats are expanding access to mail-in and non-voting, concerned that some ballots will not be available to election officials in a timely manner as demand for the postal service rises sharply.

Although it granted an extension of the deadline for absentee ballots, Rose’s short orders denied other changes requested in the cases, including free ballot mailing, expedited notification of non-presentation application defects, automatic mailing of absentee ballots to all voters, and ballot collection by third-party organizations. .

Georgia’s Undersecretary of State Jordan Fuchs called the order a “bad idea” and said the government plans to appeal against it.

“Extending the missing ballot receipt deadline is a bad idea, as election officials are unable to complete the post-election tasks required by law. We plan to immediately appeal Judge Rose’s decision,” Fuchs said in a statement.

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