Nreal Light mixed reality glasses launch in Korea with the Galaxy Note 20

Nreal Mild blended fact glasses start in Korea with the Galaxy Notice 20

After efficiently battling off Magic Leap’s claim that it stole trade techniques, Nreal is eventually able to start its Gentle blended actuality glasses into the customer current market. Beginning today, folks in Korea can pre-purchase the Light-weight — domestically rebranded as “U+ Genuine Glass” — as element of a mobile mobile phone approach on the LG Uplus network, so extensive as you select the Samsung Galaxy Be aware 20 or the LG Velvet as your handset. That way you can get the Light-weight at a sponsored selling price of 349,500 received (about $295). You can also invest in the eyeglasses individually for 699,000 won (about $590) at an LG Uplus store from August 21st, if you’d somewhat use them with other telephones.

Nreal Light Nebula system


Given that Nreal developed the Light with 5G smartphones in thoughts, this buyer kit lacks the Toast computing unit we noticed in previously demos. What do you gain, however, is a “VR Cover” that blocks out your look at of the exterior world, consequently changing the Mild into makeshift VR glasses. They won’t switch dedicated VR headsets offered their 52-degree diagonal field of view (it’s the exact determine for Microsoft’s organization-centric Hololens 2), while most VR headsets exceed 100 degrees here, but it is nevertheless a pleasant bonus attribute for when you want to immerse yourself into games or video clip.

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