Bingo – the classic game that’s helping modern people de-stress

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Even though the average number of working hours is on the decline in some countries, more and more of us are finding it difficult to unwind at home. Many bring their work home with them, whether that’s extra tasks to complete or just the stresses of the daily grind.

This has helped create a new industry of games designed specifically to help people relieve that tension – and hit the rest button after a tough few hours grinding it out for a pay-check. In this article, we will explore one of the modern games helping people unwind.

A national pastime

The game of bingo has been a pastime enjoyed by people of all ages for generations. Now played all over the world, bingo has its roots in 15th and 16th century Europe, where it was a forerunner to the Italian lottery.

A game of chance, in more recent decades bingo has traditionally been enjoyed in traditional halls, where players can meet, socialize, and enjoy a drink and a snack while they mark off their numbers.

But that experience is not for everyone, especially those with little time to spare. And it’s that demand for more instant action that has helped contribute to the rise of online bingo, which has been established as a staple of online play for more than 20 years.

How can bingo help you relax?

Bingo commands your constant attention – it’s not something you can just have on in the background – and this is important for helping distract you from the rigors of work or whatever else might be causing you angst.

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In this sense, playing bingo is a form of escapism and, for a brief period at least, little else matters in the world other than the numbers in front of you. Traditional stress-relievers, like TV and radio, can play on in the background, sometimes making it harder to tune out completely.

Having said that, bingo is far from a grueling game. There is no skill involved – it’s all about luck – although paying close attention to the numbers being revealed is important, so it pays to stay alert. This is how bingo strikes the perfect balance between being engaging and relaxing.

You know what they say about variety

It’s easier than ever to take part in bingo, while the array of online bingo games available means that – while it’s a pretty simple concept to master – there is little chance of tiring of it. Bingo games in today’s online world take on themes, and different numbers of balls can be played to speed up or slow down the game. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

You may be concerned about screentime, so it can be good to use a blue-blocking filter. Available on most desktops, tablets and phones, blocking the blue in a display can help prevent eye tension, so it’s a great idea to look into this. There is an array of blue-blocking apps available for Android and iOS phones.

You should also create a comfortable environment for yourself when you’re ready to play. Even if you’re on your phone, find a comfy chair and put your feet up, and maybe even switch phone notifications off temporarily to help you fully tune out.

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These are just a few ideas for how bingo can help you recover from the rigors of daily life. Of course, a balance of a healthy diet and exercise will also do wonders for your state of mind, but bingo can certainly help provide small moments of tranquillity along the way.

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