Cyclone Nisarga makes landfall off the coast of Maharashtra

Cyclone Nisarga makes landfall off the coast of Maharashtra

Cyclone Nisarga: This is the first such storm to hit Mumbai in nearly 100 years.

Tropical storm Nisarga, which intensified in a “severe cyclonic storm” this morning, made landfall off the coast of Maharashtra. This is the second cyclone to hit India in two weeks and the first storm to hit Mumbai, the worst affected city in the country by the coronavirus, in more than 100 years.

“The center of severe cyclone” Nisarga “is very close to the coast of Maharashtra. The landing process began and will be completed over the next three hours. The northeast sector of the eye of strong cyclonic storm” Nisarga “is entering land” . The Indian Meteorological Department or IMD said in a tweet.

In Mumbai, no one is allowed to go out to public places like beaches, parks and boardwalks along the coast, police said in a nightly order.

Maharashtra, Gujarat, Daman and Diu, and Dadra and Nagar Haveli have been put on alert when parts of these two states and the Union territories fall in the path of the cyclone that developed in an area of ​​low pressure on the Arabian Sea. . Goa, about 580 km from Mumbai, woke up to heavy rain this morning.

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