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FT.com, the trusted source for business and financial news, is offering users an exclusive trial of its digital access packages. During the trial period, users will have complete access to both the Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages.

The Standard Digital package includes global news, in-depth analysis, and expert opinion, providing users with comprehensive coverage of current affairs. On the other hand, the Premium Digital package offers additional perks such as access to the premier business column, Lex, and 15 curated newsletters that cover key business themes.

One of the standout features of this trial is the flexibility it provides. Users can change their plan at any time during the trial period simply by visiting the “Settings & Account” section. This means that if users initially sign up for the Standard Digital package but later decide they want access to the premium features, they can easily upgrade.

However, it’s important for users to be aware that if they take no action at the end of the trial, they will be automatically enrolled in the premium digital monthly subscription plan. This plan costs $69 per month and provides users with continued access to all the premium features.

To help users save on costs, FT.com also offers the option to pay annually at the end of the trial. By choosing this option, users can retain their premium access and save 20% compared to the monthly subscription fee.

For those who prefer a more budget-friendly option, there is also the opportunity to downgrade to the Standard Digital plan. While this plan doesn’t include the premium features, it still offers robust journalistic content that keeps users informed on global news and trends.

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It’s worth noting that any changes made during the trial period will only take effect at the end of the trial. This means that users can enjoy full access to all the features for an additional four weeks, regardless of any changes they make.

Overall, the FT.com trial presents users with a valuable opportunity to experience the benefits of both the Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages. With the flexibility to change plans, options for cost-saving, and a wide range of high-quality content, this trial is a must-try for anyone seeking comprehensive business and financial news.

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